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Explore An Exciting New Way To Engage Guests

What is a digital watermark?

Similar to a QR code, guests can scan your products or promotional items with their smartphone. They will automatically be directed to your website, social media page, or video to get special offers, learn more, or enjoy creative, branded entertainment!

A primer on VISIBLE and INVISIBLE digital watermarks…

Like the QR code, digital watermarks placed on your products or promotional items can be VISIBLE. On the other hand, the INVISIBLE watermark cannot be detected by the human eye. Let’s say your organization offers a promotional item as part of your Member Rewards or Loyalty Program. We offer the leading-edge ability to print INVISIBLE digital watermarks all over your item’s package. The watermark code is embedded across the surface, which retains your clean, aesthetic design.

Use this exciting new technology to engage with guests.

Your guests can scan the digital watermark – visible or invisible – using their smartphone. This allows them to connect with your mobile content to learn more, access special promotions, and more deeply interact with your brand.

Here’s an IDEA to engage with guests – and pad your profit margin.

If your organization has a restaurant, let’s add a digital watermark to the tent card on the tables promoting special drinks or desserts. This watermark could link to a video featuring your chef preparing the house specialty dessert, with an exclusive “order now” offer. (You’ll notice a spike in dessert-and-coffee orders, which can increase your profit margin.)

Now it’s YOUR turn!

How many creative ideas can you come up with? Remember, you can call our Design Studio – let’s brainstorm winning ideas!

what do you need? the sky’s the limit!

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