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Replace Careworn Items With Attractive, Durable Items

Details matter. Every single item on your property will enhance OR detract from the guest experience. Are guest room door hangers bent at the corners? Are the tent cards in the guest rooms chipped? Are poolside laminated menus faded – or look like they took a dunk in the pool?

Replace “worse for the wear” items with long-lasting products. 

As a hotelier, you know printed items throughout your property take a beating from daily wear and tear: items in guest rooms, lobby, office, restaurant, conference rooms, fitness room, spa, and other locales. No question about it – items that are bent, broken, cracked, grimy, or stained cast a pall over the guest experience.

Get the attractive look you want with our durable synthetic products: 

Our long-lasting products look great over the long term, which saves you money. In fact, our new tree-free synthetic paper is NOT plastic and is NOT made of wood products, so live trees are left standing (learn more). Best of all, you get durable “green” printed products FAST, thanks to our state-of-the-art HP digital printer.

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Get these durable “green” printed products:

  • Guest room door hangers 
  • Tent cards in guest rooms (e.g., coffee-making instruction card, telephone instruction card, and “Conserve to Preserve”)
  • Wine bottles or water bottles with branded shrink sleeves
  • Flexible pouches for gourmet chocolates or other gift items
  • Restaurant tent cards

  • Menus (all types of synthetic materials including tree-free paper)
  • Buffet labels and signs
  • Telephone plates
  • Interior and exterior wayfinding signage
  • Metal nameplates for room numbers and maintenance needs

printed products — FAST!

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