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Great Designs Are Just A Phone Call Away

As a purchasing agent or marketing manager, you know that ordering some products is a cut-and-dry process. For some items, you simply finalize the artwork, choose the material, and call us to place the order.

Clearly, some products are more complex. That’s when it’s time to call our in-house Design Studio for help. For example, what’s the best material for your outdoor wayfinding signs? Selecting the right material and engineered adhesive will assure long-lasting durability, particularly in humid climates, seaside resorts, cruise ships, and other extreme environments. (Durable products save you money over time!)

We’ll guide you to choose the best solution for your project.

Our team of engineering-based designers will ensure your project meets 3 criteria:

  1. Form, fit, and function to meet your exact requirements
  2. ADA signage requisites including Braille
  3. Durable material choices for your product’s environment

Common FAQs related to design:

  • “Do you offer design services?” – Simply provide a thumbnail sketch with measurements and any specific mechanical requirements (e.g., holes or cutouts) to your Concierge In Print customer service rep or Design Studio artist.
  • “What kind of artwork files can I submit?” – We accept both Windows and Mac files and prefer EPS files created with vector programs. Vector artwork created with Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw is preferable. (JPEG files are not recommended, since the color compression can degrade image quality.) We cannot accept artwork in Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Paintshop Pro formats.
  • “Do you offer color matching to assure brand consistency?” – At Concierge In Print, we apply the latest industry-standard techniques for color matching and color consistency. For example, we color match to your color chip using our spectrophotometer. Our ink technicians use up-to-date versions of Pantone, Munsell, and RAL color systems. And we monitor the print run – matching first part to last part – to ensure no color creep.

Your printing “concierge” —  from start to finish!

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