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Mosaic Coasters designed using the Mosaic Unlimited Design Generator

How to Personalize Your Loyalty Program

Personalize your program, and personalize the guest experience!

Every guest is unique. Now you can give each person a 100% unique item.

Here are a few ideas to get started:
  1. Wine bottles or water bottles with branded shrink sleeves
  2. Branded flexible pouches for gourmet chocolates, candies, cookies or other food gifts
  3. Loyalty Program and Member Rewards Program rigid wallet cards

Getting up to speed on Mosaic…

A variable design software program, Mosaic is an exciting breakthrough technology that will take your Loyalty/Member Program to an all-new level. This advanced software program manipulates ONE design into MANY variations to create an unlimited set of related graphics. This means each item is a one-of-a-kind original. We call our capability “Mosaic: The Unlimited Design Generator.”

Here’s how Mosaic works:

  • Together, we select or create one “seed” design.
  • We’ll convert your initial design into an unlimited number of different designs.
  • Every version is created from that “seed” – you get an unlimited number of designs and each one is unique.

what do you need? the sky’s the limit!

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