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Long-Lasting Products Help Pad Your Profit Margin

Restaurant environments are tough on the many products used back-of-house and in the dining area. Menus must withstand frequent cleanings. Recipe cards endure daily handling. Tabletop tent cards are repeatedly handled (and often dropped) by customers. Damaged, grimy items must be tossed and replaced, which impacts your profit margin. That’s why it’s critical to choose durable restaurant supplies that are well made and long-lasting. This saves you money over the long run while making your brand more attractive to diners. Best of all, you get durable “green” printed products – FAST. In fact, we offer an exciting, new, tree-less paper that is NOT plastic and NOT made of trees (learn more).

Offering durable restaurant supplies for back-of-house, dining areas, and office

Our wide variety of printed products include:
  • Wine bottles or water bottles with branded shrink sleeves
  • Flexible pouches for gourmet chocolates or other gift items
  • Coasters
  • Waterproof recipe cards
  • Back-of-house cleaning checklist
  • Menus (all types of synthetic materials including tree-free paper)
  • Tabletop tent cards promoting specialty drinks and desserts
  • Buffet labels and signs
  • Wayfinding signage and counter signage
  • 100% unique Member Rewards/Loyalty Program cards, thanks to Mosaic and Collage
  • Also offering all types of paper-based printed solutions for your marketing team and office including coupons, gift certificates, postcards and other mailers, business forms, manuals, all types of custom labels and tags, etc.
Restaurant Mosaic Coasters Solutions
Coasters Branded Specifically for Your Business
Menu Solution Synthetic or Paper
  • Menus (all types of synthetic materials including tree-free paper)
  • Buffet Label Card Tent Cards Solutions
    Buffet Labels and Signs
    Wine Pouch Flexible Solution
    Wine Bottles with Branded Labels

    what do you need? the sky’s the limit!

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