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Products That Endure Wear-And-Tear & Salty Sea Air

Products that endure wear-and-tear & salty sea air

As a purchasing agent in this industry, it’s helpful to consider products that offer long-term durability, since they are continuously exposed to the corrosive effects of sea air and seawater. Long-lasting, durable products continue to look great over the long haul, supporting your brand’s high-quality look.

You need durable products – you’ve come to the right place.

We are experts in printing on synthetic materials, with special expertise in durable products engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Together, we’ll determine the type of material and adhesives to meet the specific environmental conditions, e.g., indoor use versus exposure to saltwater and direct sun. Best of all, you get durable “green” printed products – FAST!

Offering products from stem to stern…

More than a “floating hotel,” your luxury passenger ships may offer shops, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, fitness centers, spa, salon, pool, and other facilities. You may need to purchase products for these settings as well as for the lobby, office, and staterooms.

Let’s get started!

Visit our Solutions section to view more durable “green” products for your cruise line. Or contact us to get started right now. For personalized service, please call (508) 651-6547.

Durable “green” printed products for your cruise line:

  • Stateroom door hangers
  • Tent cards in staterooms (e.g., “Conserve to Preserve”)
  • Wine bottles or water bottles with branded shrink sleeves
  • Flexible pouches for gourmet chocolates or other gift items
  • Menus (all types of synthetic materials including tree-free paper)

  • Restaurant tent cards
  • Buffet labels and signs
  • Interior and exterior wayfinding signage throughout the ship
  • Metal nameplates for room numbers and maintenance needs

printed products — FAST!

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