As the school year starts up again, it is of the utmost importance that the necessary precautions are put in place to ensure students and faculty’s safety.

Concierge in Print offers an array of products that will ensure that students and faculty will continue to social distance:

school floor signs
school door seal

Wall and Floor Signage

  • These are placed around the school so that students know where to walk and some key tips to help fight the virus.

Safe Sweep Labels

  • Our Safe Sweep Labels are placed on the classroom door once it has been disinfected after a school day. This gives reassurance to students and teachers, that they are entering a clean and sanitized space.

Plastic Labels

  • All our labels are extremely durable and can be washed with harsh chemicals without deteriorating. This ensures that your labels will continue to look brand new after being washed every day.

Face Shields

  • Our Face Shields are made to add an extra level of protection for your faculty and students during in-person classes. They protect one’s face and mouth which helps decrease the risk of transmission.

All our products are durable, high quality, and completely customizable to best suit your needs. They will allow faculty, students, and parents to be more comfortable amid these extenuating circumstances.

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