Add “Team With Green Suppliers” To Your Sustainability Policy

Eco-friendly practices are on the rise in the hospitality sector – and not a moment too soon! “Going green” is not a trend, it’s a priority. Here’s just one eye-opening fact: For the hotel industry to align with the Paris Climate Agreement, it will need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per room by 90% each year by 2050. By implementing sustainability practices, you’re taking strides to save the planet. Meanwhile, you’ll discover the many business benefits of embracing eco-friendly practices.

Partner with a supplier who knows “going green” is not a fad.

Here at Concierge In Print, we are 100% committed to environmentally responsible printing practices. Here are just a few examples, below. We invite you to read details in our “Go Green” blog article!
  • We use environmentally friendly chemicals.
  • Our printing facilities are fully RoHS compliant.
  • We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and processes.
We offer tree-free paper and recycled papers for print projects.

“Green” is an attractive promotional message – Eco-savvy customers will choose your brand over a competitor that does not implement sustainability practices. In fact, sustainability is a shopping priority among millennials, according to a study on consumer behavior by The Nielsen Company.

Using recycled paper saves trees – Creating recycled paper requires less tree fiber, fresh water, and energy than traditional virgin fiber paper. Today’s recycled papers are bright, crisp, and produce high-quality print results.

Green Benefit Tree
Our new tree-free paper is truly eco-friendly – Try our Ultra Green®, tree-free paper, a synthetic paper that is revolutionizing printing projects! It is NOT plastic and is NOT made of wood products, so live trees are left standing. Learn more about this impressive paper.

Teaming with select suppliers supports your sustainability goals – When you purchase products from like-minded suppliers with eco-friendly products and processes, this strengthens your sustainability policy.

what do you need? the sky’s the limit!

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