Hard to tear synthetic paper
flexo printing press, close up
printing of coloured newspapers with an offset printing machine at a printing press

Offering A Wide Range Of Materials To Meet Your Needs

At Concierge In Print, we offer an astonishing number of durable “green” products, choices in materials, and engineered adhesives to meet your project’s needs. Here are just a few options, with many more materials in our large inventory!

Flexible pouches

  • A great solution for Member/Loyalty Program gifts
  • Ideas included gourmet chocolates or cookies

Shrink sleeves

  • Can be used for any size or shape of container, including plastic bottles, glass bottles, and cans
  • Ideas include branded wine bottles or water bottles

Offering Ultra Green®, tree-free paper

  • This new synthetic paper is revolutionizing eco-friendly printing projects.
  • Primarily composed of inorganic stone, it is NOT plastic, and it is NOT made of wood products, so live trees are left standing. Learn more.

Polycarbonate for nameplates and signage

  • Textured, matte, glossy and hardcoated finishes
  • Enhanced UV weather-resistant properties (excellent for outdoor use)
  • Flame-retardant grades available in clear and black
  • Available in thickness ranges from .005″ to .030″

Polyester (aka PET) for nameplates and signage

  • Gloss levels ranging from gloss, matte and velvet
  • Typical thicknesses: .005″, .007″ and .010″
  • Available with UV-inhibitors to protect the material from yellowing with extended UV exposure
  • Available in heat-stabilized versions for printing membrane switch circuitry
  • Available with built-in antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria

PVC for domed nameplates and rigid cards

  • Available in textured, matte, and glossy finishes
  • Available in clear, white, silver, gold, and colors
  • Available in thickness ranges from .010″ to .030″

Your printing “concierge” —  from start to finish!

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